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Fees for Private Healthcare


The fee for a 'First' consultation is standardised regardless of the complexity or length of the consultation. As a rule, a first consultation will be 20 minutes, but every patient will receive the time they require to address their individual problem.

The fee for a 'follow up' consultation is standardised and the consultation will generally be for 10 minutes but longer if the need arises.

Patients attending for a follow up consultation after receiving 'fixed cost' or 'self pay' treatment will not be invoiced for their first appointment following surgery. This is included in the fixed cost package.

Patients with private healthcare insurance will be invoiced for all out patient consultations.

An appropriate referral letter is required for all patients attending for a First consultation.

Separate invoices will be raised by the hospital for any x-rays taken or injections administered.

Mr Smith may charge a fee for any injections, he will discuss this with you. Details of Mr Smiths fees for consultation are available from his secretary on 01978 268051.


Fees for surgery are consistent and reasonable, being in line with the fees charged by Mr Smiths consultant colleagues at the specialist orthopaedic hospital, Oswestry.
Treatment on a 'fixed cost' or 'self pay' package includes the surgical fees and is available for your scrutiny on request from Mr Smiths secretary on 01978 268051

For patients with private healthcare insurance Mr Smith has in the past invoiced within the fee schedules of the various insurance companies. However, recent market changes and an alteration in fees by some insurance companies has forced Mr Smith to now charge a fixed fee for all standard procedures.

The surgical fee for any proposed treatment will be provided to you following your consultation along with the relevant CCSD code. You will need to show this to your insurance company who may cover all or nearly all of this fee depending upon your policy and level of cover.

Pre-authorisation will be required from your insurance company before any treatment can be undertaken and you will receive an invoice for any 'shortfall' that your insurance company will not cover.

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